Spanning the width and breadth of speculative fiction, this is where I try to corral all of my writing projects.  Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Life in the Outer Con is dangerous, brutal and only for those desperate enough to survive on the outer edges of civilization. As the Inner Worlds pull back resources to try to maintain a crumbling empire, those on the outer edges are left to fend for themselves.

John Walker was a man with no past, a partner riding shotgun in his head and a knack for finding trouble. Still, there was no one in the OC better at getting the job done… if the price is right.

When an alien Empress goes missing during critical negotiations with the Unity, Walker is hired to track down those responsible and bring her back alive. To get the job done would require making a deal with a crime boss and time was running out.

15 years ago, an army led by the greatest champions of the age defeated an immortal wielder of dark magic and trapped his legions of troll soldiers behind the walls of Dark Spire forever. Now, rumors spread that a new wielder has breached the fortress with plans to unleash these terrors onto the world.

Ben Marshall is a young man rescued as an infant from a terrible fate and possessing a strong but uncontrolled talent for magic. Approached by a goblin scout who holds the key to completing a ritual that will restore his lost magic, he sets out with his friends to uncover the secrets of Dark Spire and maybe save the kingdom in the process.