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Legacy Of Darkspire

Welcome to Darkspire  
A land of magic gemstones, pipe smoking goblins, and talking dragons.

Years ago, the King of Amorra lay siege to Darkspire castle, determined to end the menace of Malik, an immortal gem wielder and his troll hordes. The battle was ended when two brothers infiltrated the fortress, destroying the caster and trapping his forces behind an impenetrable barrier of magic. Now, a new threat emerges. Another wielder has opened the barrier and claimed Darkspire as his own. Left unchecked, he threatens to unleash the might of Darkspire once again and lay claim to the kingdom. Amorra’s fate lies with seventeen-year-old Ben Marshall. Led by a mysterious stranger, he and his friends must leave the only home they’ve ever known and race to reach Darkspire before it’s too late.

But Darkspire holds many secrets and the deepest concerns Ben. Would he prove to be the kingdom’s salvation or the hand of its destruction?

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Here There Be Monsters

When Sam Martinez finds himself abducted by aliens he thought he was having a bad day; when he finds himself captain over an oddball collection of fellow captives on a stolen spaceship he realized that it could always get worse.

Thus begins the misadventures of Captain Martinez and the crew of the starship Schwarzenegger. Intent on finding their way back to Earth, they encounter strange new worlds, new life and new civilizations… and immediately piss them off.

Follow their journey as they navigate through bizarre alien customs, evade a crime syndicate with a score to settle, and match wits with a galactic government that refuses to recognize humanity as a sentient species.

Fans of Galaxy Quest and The Orville will love this story of a ragtag band of misfits, discovering just how strange the universe really is.

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Rick Buchanan

Rick Buchanan writes science fiction and fantasy, which, considering where you’re reading this, means you’re in the right place. He’s an avid traveler who loves books, movies and sitting on his patio with a cold beer. Rick lives in Colorado with his wife, Debbie and a pack of overly entitled pets. He should also acknowledge his sons, Joe and Drew, who are quick to point out the pets were mentioned first in the bio.