Here There Be Monsters

When Sam Martinez finds himself abducted by aliens he thought he was having a bad day; when he finds himself captain over an oddball collection of fellow captives on a stolen spaceship he realized that it could always get worse.

Thus begins the misadventures of Captain Martinez and the crew of the starship Schwarzenegger. Intent on finding their way back to Earth, they encounter strange new worlds, new life and new civilizations… and immediately piss them off.

Follow their journey as they navigate through bizarre alien customs, evade a crime syndicate with a score to settle, and match wits with a galactic government that refuses to recognize humanity as a sentient species.

Fans of Galaxy Quest and The Orville will love this story of a ragtag band of misfits, discovering just how strange the universe really is.

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Legacy of Darkspire


Welcome to Darkspire: A land of magic gemstones, pipe smoking goblins, and talking dragons.

Ben Marshall wanted nothing more than to escape his sleepy village and study gem magic, a task made impossible by his failure to cast even the simplest of spells. Banned from the kingdom’s university and desperate for change, he’s lured into a quest to gain magic and save the kingdom.

Now Ben and his friends are in a desperate race to prevent a powerful mage from claiming the power of Castle Darkspire, for whomever rules the fortress has the power to conquer the kingdom. Along the way, they must contend with an army of trolls, evade a pair of deranged henchmen and ultimately face the dark wielder himself.

It may seem an impossible task, but Ben has powerful allies and an ominous secret that could mean the difference between success and the destruction of all he holds dear.


What Readers are Saying

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Here There Be Monsters and Legacy of Darkspire are both available in audiobook at either Amazon or Audible.

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